New Year, New Blog

Hello everyone, as you’ve noticed, I’ve been pretty shitty at this blogging thing recently. I’ve found that the passion for beauty boxes, makeup reviews and other random aspects of this blog has completely left me. The only part I have been enjoying is the Motivation Monday posts, which I wrote MONTHS before they ever came out so I made sure I wouldn’t miss a single day.

One of the things I noticed a lot when I asked for feedback on my blog was that the name, Ellie’s Crazy Life, didn’t suit the material that I was posting. I can’t say I disagree. I do live a crazy life and I think it’s time people got to see that. So for 2018, this blog is getting a complete makeover.

I’m not just this girl who loves pink and walks around reviewing products she got in her Ipsy bag. For quite some time, I thought I wanted to be a blogger because of how “glamorous” it looked. That’s not was this is about. There is so much more to the written word than a simple series of lipstick swatches and honestly, there is whole hell of a lot more to me as well.  So for 2018, I’m taking you, the reader, along with me on my journey of whatever 2018 might bring.

For as long as I can remember, things have been tough. I lost my mother to mental illness, divorce and finally a car accident last year. My father and I had to remove ourselves from the rest of his family and have been working to remain in contact with his parents. I’ve seen my own side of hell for the past few years and while I’ve never been one to hide it from people, this blog has not done me justice. 2018 will be the first year in a long time that there is nothing forseeably unexciting to avoid. It will be a year of triumph, success and hopefully, some good change.

Starting January 1, there will be a new type of blog for you to enjoy, something with more depth, passion and emotion than ever before and I truly hope you enjoy it. But if you don’t, at least this time, I’m doing it for me.

So I’ll see you next year (tomorrow) for a real blog post.

Lots of love,


Instagram: elllie.belllie

Twitter: elliescrazylife



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