Back to College- 10 Things I Forgot to Bring to College

Hello everyone, today is the first post in my Back to College series of 100 pieces of college advice.

To kick it off, I decided to compile a list of the items I forgot to bring initially and ended up buying throughout the year to make my life easier. Hopefully, this list will help you remember what I forgot!

1.) Tool Kit

When you’re going to college, no one tells you how crucial a tool kit can really be. You will end up building furniture that you never thought you needed. Pair that with having to fix a squeaky door or bed and a tool kit quickly becomes a necessity.

The first piece of furniture I built (a simple bookshelf) had to be built with a coin and a high heel instead of a screwdriver and a hammer. Needless to say, the people below me, HATED me.

This pink set is the one I ended up purchasing, but I would recommend buying one that comes with a wrench since that ended up coming in handy when our shower leaked. However, this brand offers tons of great options with the full set.

2.) Iron or Steamer

When I was packing for college, the thought never crossed my mind that I might need an iron or steamer. BOY WAS I WRONG. There were so many occasions (rush, meetings, interviews, presentations, formals, etc.) that I wanted to wear a certain item of clothing and couldn’t because it was wrinkly. It only took one time for me to realize just how important having a steamer really was.

I bought this Rowenta handheld steamer because it is small enough to fit in my closet and is really easy to use. There is no leaking and it is great for people who have never used a steamer.

3.) Surge Protector

I’m not really sure what I was thinking when I decided to not pack a surge protector. Dorms have very limited outlets and we all have tons of things that need to be plugged in. I ended up buying three or four of them to ensure that I had space for all of my electronics but this flexible surge protector is my favorite because it can bend around corners, bed frames and is light enough to mount on a wall with some command strips.

4.) Travel Bag

When you go to school, you don’t really expect to go anywhere other than back home, but typically that is not the case. Even if you just go somewhere for Spring Break, you will end up going somewhere. When you do, it is important that you have a bag to carry everything you need for wherever you’re going.

I have this one from Etsy that fits everything I could possibly imagine. Plus, it’s monogrammed!

5.) Desk Lamp

This is a product that is on almost every single “what to bring to college” list and somehow I ended up forgetting to bring one. If you don’t think you’ll need one, you are wrong.

I used mine multiple times each day to do my makeup, work late nights or even create great selfie lighting (no judging). I love this bendy desk lamp because it allows me to change the color of the light from white to blue to yellow depending on the time of day. This is good for protecting your eyes from harsh lighting and really comes in handy when I don’t want to disrupt my roommates’ sleep.

6.) Extra Blankets

When I moved to California for college, I didn’t expect it to be cold. WRONG AGAIN. Even if you end up with roommates who like the room warm (which I did not), the room may get really cold at night or during the winter. Sometimes your bedding just won’t be enough to keep you warm so it is important to bring an extra blanket.

It also came in handy anytime I had people in my room to visit so they didn’t have to crawl into my bed to stay warm.

I bought this super fluffy throw blanket to add a pop of color and some warmth to my bed.

7.) Disposable Cups and Plates

When I went to college I thought I would be able to cycle between the same bowl, plate and mug for the whole year (what was I thinking). It quickly turned into a hassle when I didn’t want to wash the dishes, had friends over or needed to eat on the go. I ended up buying disposable plates, bowls, and cups to make my life easier.

There weren’t ever specific ones that I went for (I just bought whatever was on sale at Target) but these Hefty paper plates and this 330 count of cups are your best bet.

Ellie Tip: It is important that you buy paper plates and bowls so you can put them in the microwave safely. Styrofoam and plastic are NOT microwave-safe.

8.) Stapler

This is something that came in handy on so many occasions. At most schools, the professors do not have a designated room and do not leave anything in the classroom they teach in. This means when you need to turn in a paper, they will not bring a stapler to help you out with that. They expect it to already be done.

To save yourself from having to run to the library to staple your paper, I recommend buying one ahead of time and keeping it in your backpack to save you and your friends from having to bend the corner of your papers and hope that it sticks together.

I bought mini desk supply kit from Yoobi that includes a mini tape dispenser, a pencil sharpener, a stapler, a staple remover, a hole punch, and scissors. It is small enough to throw in my bag and keeps me ready for anything.

9.) Tweezers

I’m not quite sure how I ended up forgetting these because I usually keep them with my makeup (which I didn’t forget). Tweezers are something that everyone needs, regardless of who you are. You’ll need them if you need to quickly do your eyebrows, remove a splinter, take out a staple, or even tighten a screw on your glasses.

I ended up buying these tweezers from TweezerGuru because they are strong and inexpensive.

10.) Business Attire

This is probably the most important thing that I forgot. As a business major (and sorority woman), I am constantly going to interviews, meetings and formal events that require business attire. Simply bringing a blazer and a pencil skirt would have saved me many times.

I ended up buying this statement skirt that I wore to many meetings, presentations, and events.

That concludes my first post in my Back to College series. I hope this helped you to remember the things I forgot.

What did you forget to bring to college? Let me know in the comments down below.

Lots of love,


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