Back to College- 10 Essentials Every Student Needs

Hello everyone, today I have the second post in my Back to College series. Today’s post is a compilation of 10 things that every student “needs”.

Obviously, you don’t really need all of these things, but they certainly made my freshman year so much easier. This also ties to yesterday’s post because I forgot a lot of these things when I went to college.

So let’s get into it.

1.) Water Bottle

This one is CRUCIAL to everyone, regardless of whether you’re in or out of college. Staying hydrated is incredibly important because it helps keep your muscles and organs working and keeps your skin healthy and youthful. However, sometimes you don’t have time to stop at a drinking fountain in between classes so it is important to bring a full water bottle with you to keep you from getting dehydrated.

This one from Brewberry is the one that I ended up buying for college and I LOVE it. It keeps my water cold though all for my classes and can also double as a coffee mug for keeping my hot drinks hot on the colder days. It is also great because it has a wide mouth which makes cleaning a breeze.

2.) Tennis Shoes

As many of you know, I am not a hardcore workout person by any means. However, I do recognize the importance of staying healthy. In college, it is really hard to find time to go to a gym but prioritizing your health is super important (stay tuned later this week for some tips on that).

During my freshman year, I wore my Nike Flex Runs almost every day because they gave my feet great support and encouraged me to workout since I was already in the right attire. I love these because they are super lightweight and can be worn in any season, on any terrain and will still provide maximum comfort and support.

3.) Headphones

I am honestly so surprised that more people don’t carry headphones to classes. Having music or even just blocking out noise helps me focus and get stuff done during the breaks between classes. They are also great because they are a universal sign for “don’t talk to me” which comes in handy much more frequently than you might expect.

I love these ones from Barytone because they are Bluetooth which allows me to use them without having to be tied down to my phone or computer. This helps me be able to workout, study or walk without having to deal with cords or staying still for too long. I also love these because they are almost 100% soundproof which helped quite a bit when my roommate would watch TV on full blast.

4.) Laundry Pods

 These things are amazing. At first, I didn’t really understand why they were so popular until I lived 4 floors away from a laundry machine and tried to carry a whole container of laundry soap and fabric softener. All you need to do is take one (or two depending on the size of the load) and toss it into the washer. It completely limits what you need to carry down and is a cost-effective way to know just how much soap you really need.

I used these ones by Gain because I love the smell and they are super inexpensive. In this pack, you get 81 for under $20! That’s a steal!

5.) Cleaning Products

I think these might be the only items on this list that you ACTUALLY need to have in college. If you go to college and you aren’t sure how to clean, have your parents give you the basic rundown of how to clean a toilet, shower, sink, and floor. This will prevent you from getting sick and from having a smelly (gross) room.

Here are the things I found myself gravitating toward the most:

  •  Clorox Disinfecting Wipes– these are great for wiping down desks, door handles, and countertops on a daily basis. This specific pack gives you 75 wipes for under $10.
  • LYSOL Toilet Bowl Cleaner– this is a must to keep your toilet clean and fresh. It is super easy to use and requires little effort.
  • Lysol Click Gel Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaning Gels– these are for great for limiting the amount of time you actually have to spend cleaning. They will do most of the work for you and will keep you from having to clean the toilet so frequently. All you do is click them onto the bowl and you’re done!
  • Windex Cleaner– this is such a common product because it is so useful for windows, mirrors and any other class surfaces. I used it mostly to clean my makeup mirror and the full length mirror in our room because those got dirty really quickly.
  • Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner– this is helpful for all of your cleaning needs, it can be used to clean showers, sinks, toilets, countertops and the top of your microwave or fridge. It smells great and helps keep out bacteria that may get you sick.
  • Comet Powder Cleanser– this is one of my favorite cleaning products because it works wonders. All you do is sprinkle some onto your bathtub, sink or toilet, let it soak and then scrub or rinse it off.
  • Playtex Rubber Gloves– these are great for keeping your delicate hands from getting covered in bleach and other chemicals. I also applied lotion to my hands before putting them on to help keep my skin moisturized and youthful.

6.) Full First Aid Kit

Regardless of how clean your room is, you will most likely still end up getting sick or hurt. I highly recommend having a first aid kit complete with band-aids, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and pain reliever on hand for any emergency. I also recommend keeping these things handy for when you get sick:

  • Nyquil– colleges are known for spreading the cold and flu like wildfire. It is important that you arm yourself with something to help you kick them once you get it. This will also help you get a good night’s sleep which will allow your body to heal even quicker.
  • HALLS Cough Drops– even if you don’t get the full cold or flu, you may still end up getting a sore throat. Instead of spending time going to the on-campus health center to pick some cough drops up, stock up before you need them to prevent losing your voice right before a presentation (I’ve seen it happen).
  • Cortizone Cream– regardless of how great your skin is, you may end up getting a bug bite, a rash or something that just makes you itchy. Keeping Cortizone on hand will help ensure you don’t end up breaking out into hives (take my word, it’s not fun).

7.) Water Filter

Especially when you live in a place like California, it is very important to filter your water to limit the amount of mysterious chemicals you put into your body. Having it in your room will also make you more likely to drink water since you won’t have to walk to the nearest drinking fountain.

I used this Brita Pitcher because it fit perfectly in my mini fridge and filtered the water pretty quickly. They come in tons of colors and sizes depending on how big your fridge actually is.

8.) Phone Chargers

I am the kind of person that is constantly on my phone whether I’m listening to music, talking to friends, checking social media or simply using the calculator. Unfortunately, my phone can rarely hold the charge for the entire day and it ends up dying before I can get back to my room and grab my charger.

My recommendation is to always keep one in your backpack so if your phone (or one of your friends’ phone) dies, you have a charger on hand to keep you from falling off the grid. This 2 pack of 6ft cables is my favorite because it allows me to keep one in my room and bring one to class. Plus, since they’re so long, you won’t end up sitting on the floor just to plug in your phone.

9.) Calendar or Planner

During college, you will find yourself incredibly busy with classes, clubs, jobs, social life, etc. It is super important that you are on time and you don’t forget a test or meeting. My solution to this is to have a planner to write everything down in. I use this planner from Orange Circle to write down homework, quizzes, and projects during class and organize my dates during club meetings.

At the end of each day, I enter all of these dates into my phone calendar so I always get a notification if something is due or if there is a place I’m supposed to be. This combination keeps me from forgetting anything important and allows me to always have my dates organized, regardless of where I am.

10.) Travel Bag

This is one of the items I forgot to bring to college but came in handy on multiple occasions. When you go to college, no one tells you that you may end up going on a weekend getaway or simply sleeping over at a friends house. It’s important that you have an extra bag so you don’t end up having to use your backpack or a grocery bag.

This is one of the ones I have and I LOVE it. It holds tons of outfits and can even fit a blanket or pillow if you are camping or sleeping in a friend’s room.

That concludes my second post of the series. I hope this helped you out and I will see you tomorrow with another post!

What are your college essentials? Share them in the comments below to share the love!

Lots of love,


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