Rockin’ Recruitment- Outfit Ideas: 4 Days 4 Ways

Hello everyone, today I have the last post in my Rockin’ Recruitment series. Today’s post is a continuation of yesterday’s post. I will be sharing a few outfit ideas to help you create looks that make you feel confident and look great.

To make this as simple as possible, I have created 4 looks for each of the 4 days. Although the last day has two parts, I only created one outfit since you will be receiving a shirt from your sorority. I did try to create 4 different styles to help show options for everyone’s style.

So let’s get into it!

Day One:

On this day, you will receive a shirt to wear. You are allowed to wear the shirt with anything you want but you are not able to cut or alter it.

I think this was one of the best days because it puts everyone on a standard level without hindering anyone’s style.

This first outfit is probably the most casual but still completely acceptable. Pairing a pair of ripped jeans with some sneakers is great for anyone with a more athletic style. You can tie the shirt up or tuck it in with a fun belt.


day one 1

The next outfit is another casual outfit but is a bit more fun. Pairing a fun colored shoe with the neutral look creates more of a statement. This allows you to show a really fun side of your personality without having to wear a shirt that says “I’m fun”.

day one 2

This next look is a bit more fancy but can work really well with anyone’s style. I am loving denim skirts right now so being able to add that into the look was really nice. Adding a fun choker or statement necklace can help to glam up the look. Pairing some booties can help you look more polished and put-together.

day one 3

The last outfit I picked out for Day One is by far the most glam. This look is definitely for the girl who is comfortable being in the spotlight. This look has a lot of sparkle and shine which helps make you stand out.

day one 4

Day Two:

This next day is the first day that you are able to completely show your personality. We were told to wear something we would wear to a movie date.

The first look is casual but still very fun. The neutral palette paired with a pop of yellow helps make you shine. The pairing of the soft shirt with the ripped denim also shows versatility which I believe is a very important quality.


actual day two 1

The next look is more of a festival themed look. I love the suede shirt with the leather and lace. I really like the combination because there is such variety. This look is also perfect for a movie date as long as you don’t wear the shirt too low-cut. No sorority wants a girl that’s willing to bare it all, ya feel?

actual day two 4

This next look is very cute and girly. I love the flowy shorts because they add such a wonderful and feminine flair. The wedges are super easy to wear and really help keep you comfortable throughout all of the walking (running) and standing.

actual day two 3

The last look is also pretty girlie but can easily be paired another color that shows whatever personality you have. This shirt is also super flattering because of the style and shape. The shirt and the booties keep it feminine with a stylish touch.

actual day two 2

Day Three:

This day is all about showing what is important to you. For day three, we were told to dress as if we were going to brunch with grandma at a nice restaurant. This was probably the most challenging to dress for but I hope these options help make it easier on you.

This first look is very simple but helps to really show your beauty. Off the shoulder, dresses are incredibly flattering and really show your feminine beauty. The low heels are really great for walking around and standing all day.


day two 1

Next up is a very cute and fun look. The romper is a bit more wearable for those of you who can’t stand wearing skirts. The belt also makes this romper incredibly flattering. I also LOVE these shoes because they are super girly and fancy without it being uncomfortable.

day two 2

This third outfit is even better for those of you who hate skirts (and shorts). These pants will help elongate your legs while slimming you down, making you look long and lean. The basic shirt and plain pants help show the inner beauty as well. These black wedges will also help make your legs even longer plus, they are super comfy.

day two 3

The last outfit is the most out there. This dress is incredibly bright and the choker is more fun and a bit of a statement piece. I love that this dress is a bit on the longer side because it is much more ladylike. The black heels and the choker add a bit more of a tough-girl side to the look.

day two 4

Day Four:

As I mentioned above, this day has two parts however the second part is irrelevant since you will receive a shirt at you Bid Day celebration. The first part of the day is very formal and emotional. We were told to wear something we would wear as a wedding guest.

This first look is super simple and poised. This dress is a beautiful and flattering color for any skin tone. I love the cross detailing on the front as well. The black heels add a bit of contrast to the light-colored dress.

day four 1

The next look is a bit on the darker side but I still love it. It is a very flattering style and the pattern is super fun and simplistic. The black heels also add a bit of glam to the dress. day four 3

The third outfit is probably the girliest but it also shows a more eclectic flair. I love the pattern on the dress and all of the variety of colors. I also love pairing these with some denim heels to help dress down the very formal dress.  day four 2

The last look is a super colorful and fun look. I love the combination of the purple and green. It looks great on any skin tone and helps add a bit more of a statement to the look. I think this one is my favorite because it is so simple yet so memorable. day four 4

I know this post was short but I hope it helped inspire some outfit ideas. If you recreate any of these looks, be sure to share them in the comments below or tag me on social media.

I also helped you enjoyed this Rockin’ Recruitment series and that it helps you ROCK recruitment. If you need anything throughout the process, I am 100% here to answer any questions you may have.

Stay tuned in the next few days for a new series! See you then!

Lots of love,


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