Rockin’ Recruitment- What’s in my Bag?

Hello everyone, today I have the third post in my Rockin’ Recruitment series. In today’s post, I will be sharing what I carried with me during recruitment.

Throughout the 4 day period, there were many things that I wanted to have with me at all times to ensure the process was as seamless as possible. Here is an overview of what I kept in my bag:

recruitment bag

I know it looks like a lot, but each thing had its purpose and really did come in handy for me or for one of my friends.

So let’s get into it!

I’ve decided to put these items into categories to help keep you from missing anything important. That being said, I view each thing as having equal importance. However, like most other tips in this series, everyone’s experience is different.  So fill your bag with what YOU need.


I first grabbed a pair of cheap flip flops. These are highly-recommend by Rho Gammas, and for good reason. Regardless of how broken-in your heels are, running in them is absolutely no fun. I loved having these because I could get to the houses faster and I didn’t end up with any blisters by the end of the day. They were easy to throw into my bag and kept me from running around with no shoes on.

Next, I grabbed a water bottle. This was super important after running around campus all day. Being able to stay hydrated kept me feeling better, more energized and more positive. It also helped keep my breath from smelling bad since bad breath thrives in dry mouths.

I also threw in a granola bar in case I started to crash during the day. I am a constant snacker and it is super important for me to have something to nibble on when I get hungry. While I typically don’t love the taste of KIND bars, they are packed with nutrients that helped me keep my energy up. Plus, there’s a bit of chocolate to help add some yummy flavor.

You will also be meeting TONS of people and touching surfaces that are nasty and covered with germs. By bringing along a hand sanitizer, I protected myself from getting sick. Y’all, the panhellenic plague is so real #ProtectYourselfBeforeYouWreckYourself.

I also brought along my phone to take notes after each house. This is one of my best tips because it really helped me remember how I felt at each house. I had various categories which I scored each house out of 5:

  • Fitting in
  • Ease of conversation
  • Likability
  • Comfort
  • Overall Score

By doing this, I allowed myself to standardize my feelings at each house. I also added a section of notes to help jog my memory at each house. This included what I talked about, who I met and whether or not I wanted to come back.

Personal Appearance:

The first thing I grabbed to put in my bag was my setting powder. This was great for adding quick touch ups to my makeup and preventing my skin from looking oily and greasy. I love this specific powder because it completely mattifies the skin without weighing it down.

I also grabbed a hair brush on the days that I didn’t curl my hair. This helped to keep my hair looking sleek and managed. It was also great for when my curls started to fall because I could brush them out to create a more beachy look instead of fallen curls.

To help keep my hair looking even more polished, I brought a travel-size of hair spray. This was great for keeping frizz to a minimum and helped make my hair smell amazing. I love this particular one because it makes my hair hold the style without being weighed down by a thick spray.

I also brought along a compact mirror to keep an eye on how my makeup was holding up throughout the day. This was one of the things my friends borrowed before almost every house! Everyone forgets this but it comes in handy more frequently than you think!

I then grabbed a container of Altoids. I am the kind of person who always needs my breath to smell fresh and I typically go for gum. However, during recruitment, chewing gum while talking to someone can come off as rude. That’s why this time, I went for mints. Altoids are great because they are super strong and dissolve quickly.

I also threw in a deodorant and a travel size perfume to keep myself smelling fresh and clean throughout the day. I am a firm believer in having a signature scent and I am always complimented on how I always smell good. Even after recruitment, girls in my sorority mentioned how they loved the perfume I was wearing and how it helped them to remember me. I wore the YSL Black Opium all week because it is my favorite scent of all time.

Regardless of the lipstick I wore each day, I also brought along a chapstick to help keep my lips moisturized and healthy. Because recruitment was in January, it was on the colder side so my lips were dry and cracked by the end of the day. Having chapstick made the lipstick apply easily and helped keep my lips happy.

The last personal appearance item I brought along was a lint roller. This was especially helpful when I wore darker outfits. While running around and sitting outside, my clothes got tons of fuzz, hair and miscellaneous items on them. I wanted to keep my look clean and polished so the lint roller was a must.


I have constant migraines and headaches so I knew I needed to carry around a pain medication of some kind. Bringing along this small tube of Advil came in handy almost every day. While you can totally just put some in a bag, it looks hella sketchy.

I brought a Tide To-Go Stain Remover as well because let’s be real, stains happen. This is great because I could apply it to a stain and it would be gone by the time I got to the next house. These are super inexpensive and work on clothing of all colors and fabrics.

I also grabbed along a few Bandaids in case of any blisters, paper cuts or scratches. I didn’t end up using these but I gave them to girls in my Rho Gam group who didn’t have the time to break in their shoes.

I threw in a few bobby pins too just in case I needed to pull my hair back or put it up after the curls fell. I highly recommend bringing these along because even if you don’t need them, someone else might! They are super small and won’t take up any space in your bag.

I also brought some hair ties in case I wanted to put my hair up while I ran from house to house or if it started to look kind of messy. These creaseless ones are my favorite because they (obviously) don’t crease my hair. Plus, they aren’t too tight so they don’t hurt my scalp regardless of how long I wear them.

Because recruitment is all girls, it is highly likely that at least one of your friends will be on their period during the week. It is super helpful (to you and your friends) to have a tampon in your bag in case Mother Nature strikes without warning.

The last emergency items I brought along were a few safety pins. These are so handy in case your dress rips or you have a shirt that just looks a bit too low cut. You can also use these to hide bra straps or keep your pants together if they fall apart (it happened). Please don’t poke yourself. Even though they are called “safety” pins, they are still super sharp.

I hope this helped you pack your recruitment bag. If you’ve already been through recruitment, let me know what you put in your bag in the comments below. I will see you tomorrow with another post!

Lots of love,


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