Rockin’ Recruitment- What to Wear

Hello everyone, today I have the second post in my Rockin’ Recruitment series where I will be sharing all of my tips and tricks to make sorority recruitment easier. Today’s post will show you what I wore during my recruitment week.

Please note that each school’s recruitment process is different so this is only tailored towards Chapman’s recruitment. However, it may be helpful no matter where you will be going through the process.

I did my best to find items that were similar to what I actually wore but there were many things that I was unable to find. In these cases, I substituted for a similar item.

So let’s get into it.

The first day of recruitment is Go Greek Night. This is a super fast-paced evening when you have to chance to visit all 8 sororities for 30 minutes. It is really informal and goes by incredibly quickly.

Chapman provided all PNMs (Potential New Members) with a t-shirt to wear during this day so we wouldn’t have to plan a full outfit.

Here is what I wore:

day one

I paired the recruitment shirt with my Be & D High Tops with some black jeans. I also brought along an army green jacket for the colder rooms. This outfit kept me super comfortable while running between each sorority.

The second day was Value Day. This day, you could visit up to 6 sororities so you were still moving quite a bit.

Day Two

I opted for some white jeans and a bell-sleeve top. I paired the look with some comfortable booties and a lace choker to dazzle it up a bit. Because I had already broken the shoes in, I wasn’t uncomfortable but there were many girls running around without shoes on.

Please don’t be that girl.

The third day was Philanthropy Day. On this day, you could visit up to 4 sororities which forced me to still run around. However, this is a relatively formal day where you have to dress nicely.

Day Three

I couldn’t find the exact dress I wore on this day but this lavender one is pretty similar. A light dress and some supportive heels kept me comfortable and confident while I ran from sorority to sorority.  I would definitely recommend wearing something comfy on this day since you might be standing up most of the day.

The last day has two big events, Preference Morning, where you visit up to two houses, and Bid Day, where you join your house. The morning is a very formal and emotional event while the afternoon is full of casual celebration.

During the morning, I wore this look.

day four

I paired a dark, floral dress with some nude heels. I kept the look natural and light while adding a formal flair. I got TONS of compliments on my dress (which is very similar to the one above) and I was super comfortable.

For Bid Day, you will be provided with a shirt from your sorority but you will have to get your bid first. Because of this, you have to wear something that you can easily change out of.

bid day

I again paired my Be & D high tops with some black jeans for comfort. Then I added a simple, loose tank top to make changing a breeze. This was a great choice because I could easily run into the arms of my new family.

Overall, here are my Do’s and Dont’s of what to wear:

Do wear:

  • Comfortable clothes- comfort is #1 for the whole process. If you are comfortable, you will be confident and that is what matters.
  • Things that show off your personality- even when you are provided with a shirt, you can add fun shoes or accessories that show off your personal style. As shallow as it seems, you may be remembered as “the girl with the fun shoes” or “the girl with the floral dress”.
  • Shoes that are already broken in- the last thing you need during recruitment are blisters. Even if you buy new shoes, it is important that you break them in well before you go through the process. This will prevent loads of pain.
  • Layers- some rooms are super cold while others can get super hot, having an outfit that is versatile for any temperature will make your life much easier.

Don’t wear:

  • Super high heels- I am a PRO at walking (and running) in heels and I still would recommend staying away from heels. No one will judge you for wearing flats or wedges. Again, comfort is key.
  • Slutty clothes- no sorority wants a girl who shows off every inch of her body. You want to be confident and if you are most confident in fishnets, I guess wear them. Just know you don’t need to.
  • What you think is cool- don’t feel the pressure to wear all the trends to seem cool if you don’t like them. As I’ve said before, comfort and confidence are key. Only wear it if you like it.

Whatever you do, wear what makes you feel confident, comfortable and happy. I promise you’ll thank me in the long run. I will see you tomorrow with more outfit ideas!

Lots of love,


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