July Birchbox Unboxing

Hey everyone, today I will be unboxing one of my favorite subscription boxes, my Birchbox. If you are unfamiliar with Birchbox, it is a beauty subscription box that comes every month with 5-6 deluxe samples in a beautiful box for just $10 a month. My favorite part about Birchbox is their fabulous rewards program. For every 10 points you earn, you receive $1 in store credit. The points are super easy to earn and build up super fast. Join me by clicking here!

So let’s get into it.

Here is what the outside of my box looks like. I think this is a lot better than some of the boxes from recent months. It totally reminds me of when you put washi tape on your walls as decor and I’m kind of loving it. That being said, the theme this month is “Packing a Punch” and I can’t really say this box really does much for that. IMG_2193IMG_2194

Here is the outline of what I received in my box. This month, I received 5 products and a foil packet as a bonus.  IMG_2195

After opening my box and seeing the product summary, I saw this extra card that offered a coupon code on the back. IMG_2196

After removing the cards, this is the overview of my box. As you can see, this box is jam packed with items!IMG_2197

Naturally, I was first attracted to the bright pink item which is the Beautaniq Beauty Blush Serum and Lip Color in the shade “Sunshine”. This is a product that I haven’t tried before but am super excited to wear. This product is full size and retails for $16!IMG_2198

As you can see, the color is INCREDIBLY bright and really great for the summer. It is super pigmented upon the first application but after some blending, it becomes a much more natural-looking. This color will look great on any skin tone. I think this is going to quickly become one of my favorite products simply because of how easy it is to use but I do wish it came in a more wearable color for me. IMG_2199IMG_2200

The next item I received is the Pur-Lisse BB Tinted Moist Cream. I absolutely love wearing BB creams in the summer because they are super lightweight and provide protection from the sun. The full size retails for $35.IMG_2201

This BB cream is amazing because it is great for sensitive skin and provides great coverage! It also doesn’t have any strange scents and, with and SPF of 30, I feel comfortable wearing this on my skin. IMG_2202

The next item is a sample of the English Laundry Oxford Bleu Perfume. I love getting perfume samples because they are great for throwing into my purse or backpack for a refresher throughout the day. This perfume is a very fruity scent with lighter floral notes. Typically I opt for a more musky scent but this one if great for the summer! The full-size lists for $25-70.IMG_2203

The fourth item in my box is the Marcelle 3-in-1 Micellar Gel Eye Makeup Remover. I can’t say I’m super excited about this one simply because I already love the makeup removers that I use. That being said, this product is multipurpose and helps to moisturize and reduce swelling around the eyes. The full size of this retails for $16.IMG_2204

The fifth item in my box is the Avene Cleanance Expert Emulsion. This is an emulsifying lotion that moisturizes the skin and helps limit acne. I love that it doesn’t have any strong scent and doesn’t hurt my sensitive skin. that being said, I can’t say I’m thrilled about it because I’m not noticing anything spectacular. The full size retails for $26. IMG_2205IMG_2206

The last item in my box is the R+Co Gemstone Color Shampoo and Conditioner. As many of you know I have color-treated hair and can’t use many kinds of hair products. This is a sample of a color-safe shampoo and conditioner set that has natural ingredients like hibiscus and rice. The full size retails for $25 each. IMG_2207

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this box and I can’t wait to include some more of these in my makeup routine. The total value of my box is $30.50! Since the box was just $10, I think this is an incredibly great value and I highly recommend joining Birchbox. IMG_2208

So that concluded my Birchbox unboxing. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments below or on any of my social media accounts. If there is another subscription box you’d like me to try, send it to my in the comments or on social media!

Lots of love,


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*Disclaimer: some of the links above are affiliate links that will benefit me in some way. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to ask down below.


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