HONEST REVIEW- Kenra Professional Grip Collection

Hello everyone, today I will be reviewing the Kenra Professional Grip Collection of hair care. This is a brand that is new to me but has quickly become one of my favorites. As all of you know, I am not by any means a hair stylist, guru or anything of the sort. However, I have always loved doing my hair but have struggled to get it to stay in place especially in the Texas heat and humidity. These products have solved that problem completely.

Here is what the collection looks like:

kenra collection
This image is from the Kenra site and was not taken by me.

It consists of the Air Grip Spray, Whip Grip Mousse, and the High Grip Spray.

I received the Air Grip Spray and the Whip Grip Mousse from them through BrandBacker to try out and provide you with my honest review.

So here we go.

kenra haircareThe Air Grip Spray is said to “instantly provides 50% more grip to hair. The ultra-lightweight formula allows for superior definition and all over volume, while still providing a flexible hold”. I used it when I straightened my hair to weigh it down and keep it from getting frizzy and curly throughout the day. Even though it weighs down my hair, it still keeps it feeling soft, smooth and light.

I first used it when I straightened my hair to weigh it down and keep it from getting frizzy and curly throughout the day. Even though it weighs down my hair, it still keeps it feeling soft, smooth and light.

Now the ultimate test for me was to use it on my eyebrows. That probably sounds crazy but I always use hair sprays to keep my eyebrows in place during the summer because I’ve found that they last much longer through sweat, heat, and humidity if I spray some before.

And let me tell you, this spray passed that test. My eyebrows were LOCKED in place all day and all night. It didn’t add any strange coloring, texture or stickiness. I simply sprayed it onto my spoolie brush and combed it through my brows.

It has a wonderful, fresh scent that is perfect for summer but doesn’t conflict with any perfume.

This is priced at $17.00.

The Whip Grip Mousse is said to “[feature] an airy, whipped formula, Whip Grip Mousse 9 provides three times more volume without leaving hair stiff “. It is unlike any hair mousse I’ve ever tried. Typically, mousses are very sticky and leave your hair feeling like you soaked it in glue. This one did nothing of the sort.  It is super light but still provides tons of volume and great hold.

I used this when braiding my hair to keep my layers in the braids and add a bit of shine. At the end of the day, I took my hair out of the braids and was left with beautiful waves for the evening. There was no sticky feeling, no hardness, and no breakage. My hair still smelled amazing and felt super soft.

This is priced at $17.00.

Overall, I am very pleased with the collection. Here is my final verdict:

Pros: • adds tons of volume smells amazing  keeps my hair looking fly and flawless all day • beautiful packaging • safe on color-treated hair Cons: • a bit on the pricey side Overall Score: 9/10, these items are great for the summer months because they keep your hair looking great through sweat, heat, and humidity. They have great packaging that looks great on any vanity.

If you would like to purchase these items click here.

Lots of love,


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