HONEST REVIEW- L Cosmetics Brushes

Hello, everyone! Today I have one of my favorite types of posts, an honest review. This review is on the L Cosmetics Brush set. This set comes with 15 brushes (6 face brushes and 7 eye brushes), a brushegg, a beauty sponge, and a  carrying case. It is priced at $20.99 and with Prime, has free shipping.

I tested out these brushes using my Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Palette and the products I use on a daily basis. So keep on reading to see how the look I created and how the brushes performed.

To start, I have to mention that this brushegg is the only thing I didn’t try out. As many of you know, I have a similar product that I use to clean my brushes. They are the exact same thing only this one is a much prettier color. It is so bright that the flash makes it hard to even see the details. IMG_2053

So the brushes came in this case. There is nothing too special about the design on the outside but it is super durable and the material makes it really easy to keep clean. IMG_2055

Inside are the 15 brushes, wrapped and organized. This is something I really appreciated because it made me feel much better about putting them on my face since they were wrapped in plastic and not exposed to any of the bacteria during shipping. IMG_2056Now once they were unwrapped, I saw the true beauty of these brushes (#brushesfordays). The hardest part of using these was deciding which one to use first. Here is what L Cosmetics labels each brush as:

1.Power brush: Apply to strong sticky foundation, such as foundation cream, BB.
2.Blush brush: Apply to blushes
3.Foundation brush: Suitable for liquid foundation, water cream.
4.Contour brush:Perfect for facial contours
5.Loose brush: Used for fixed makeup, so that makeup naturally
6.Repair brush: Used concealer brush make the skin will look more smooth and natural
7.High light brush: Create 3d solid makeup, make your make-up more outstanding
8.Angled eye shadow brush: Strengthen the contours of eyes
9.Big eye shadow brush: Fastly finish eye makeup, can also be used for neck makeup
10.Small eye shadow brush: In a wide range of color when used, such as eyelids foundation,on the color
11.Nasal shadow brush: Put the powder to the both side of nose, to create high nose
12.Concealer brush: With the concealer make some small flaws covered, with the surrounding skin more natural
13.Eye socket brush: Repair eye socket part, makeup look like so complete
14.Lip brush: Lip line prominent, with a charming lip
15.Angled eyebrow brush: Put the powder evenly sweep in the eyebrows

Now I didn’t use all of the brushes and I honestly couldn’t tell you which brush is which, but I loved all of them. IMG_2059

There are 7 eyeshadow brushes, each with a specific use and utility. This side of the case also featured a face brush (left) that is great for highlighting, contouring or blushing. IMG_2058

The other side offers 5 more face brushes that are great for any of your face makeup needs. They are each super dense and great for applying powders or creams. IMG_2057

The last item is the makeup sponge. I love that this is black because it looks great on my vanity and it is easy to tell when it is dirty. It is a bit softer than a Beauty Blender but it applies any foundation well, leaving it with a smooth, even finish.

Ellie Tip: Be sure to wet your beauty blender before applying any foundation to ensure that the sponge doesn’t soak it up. IMG_2054

So to start my makeup, I applied face primer, eye primer, and my brows. Then moved on to my eyeshadow. As mentioned above, I used the Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Palette to create this stunning eye look. IMG_1957

I started off by blending the “myth” shade into my crease using the second to last brush in the set. (Please ignore my eyebrows, they need to be fixed).IMG_2061

Next I blended some of the “trance” shade onto my lid. This is where problems began. The brush was doing an AMAZING job of blending this in but the shadow created imense amounts of fallout all over my face.

Ellie Tip: Always do your eye makeup before you apply your face makeup to ensure that this isn’t a huge issue. IMG_2065

Then I used the flat head brush to press on the “dream” shade to my outer lid and the “mystic” shade to the inner half of my lid. Again there was a TON of fallout but the brushes blended this really nicely. IMG_2067

I then added an intense wing to add a bit more pizzaz to my look.IMG_2074

Lastly, I added a light blue cream shadow under my lower lash line using the eyeliner brush to add some more depth and really bring out the blue in my eyes. I also cleaned up the fallout and applied some under-eye concealer using the beauty sponge (yes, I see the streaks).IMG_2075

I then added the rest of my foundation using the sponge, powder using the powder blush, highlighter using the highlighter brush, blush using the blush brush, bronzer using the contour brush, mascara, and a nude lip to finish the look. As you can see, my skin looks airbrushed after using the sponge and the highlighter, bronzer and highlight were all able to blend in really well. IMG_2087

Even after a while of wearing the makeup, there was no creasing because of how well everything was blended out. The colors look incredibly vibrant and my skin looks and feels flawless. IMG_2092

Overall, I’m thrilled with how this look turned out and how well everything from L Cosmetics performed. Here is my final verdict:

Pros: • super soft and dense applies smoothly  comes with a travel case • beautiful packaging has every brush you need in one set  great price Cons: • each brush is not labeled with what it is used for Overall Score: 9/10, these brushes are great for anyone from beginner to master. They blend everything really well and are great for creating a variety of looks. The entire set comes with everything you need to create stunning makeup looks. If you would like to purchase these brushes click here.

Have you tried these brushes? Do you like this look? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on any social media account.

Lots of love,


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