HONEST REVIEW- Silicone Sponge Makeup Applicator

Hello, everyone! Today I have one of my favorite posts to share, an honest review. The other day I received this silicone makeup applicator from Amazon. I had been wanting to try this out for the longest time and I am so excited that I had the opportunity to do so. So let’s get into the review!

This is how the applicator came in the mail. As you can see, there are no instructions whatsoever so from the start, I was quite lost. I decided to look it up and found this posting from Molly Cosmetics.img_0519

This is what it looked like outside of the packaging. img_0520

As you can see, it is about the same size as my current beauty blender.img_0521


So here is how I used it:

I started off by mixing my foundation as I typically do.img_0522

I then used the applicator to apply it to my face. This was very strange. img_0523

When I first applied it there was absolutely no blending that happened. It just went onto my skin like paint. img_0524

After about 10 minutes of hardcore blending with this thing, I finally got my foundation to blend in. img_0527

This is the look I ended up with. My skin looked very smooth but it felt incredibly cakey and thick. I did really like the look it gave me.img_0535img_0536

Pros: • makes my skin look flawless blends well after some work  easy to clean Cons: • isn’t as good as my knock-off beauty blender feels very strange on the face Overall Score: 7/10, this product does what it claims to do, is very novelty and does create a beautiful look. However, it isn’t any better than any other product I have tried and is a bit too much work for the look you end up with.

Have you tried this product? Let me know what you thought in the comments down below or on social media.

Lots of love,


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