HOLLAween Series- 25 DIY Costumes

Hello everyone! Today I have the second post in my HOLLAween Series. This post will show you 25 DIY Costumes that are absolutely amazing. I tried to find ones that I had never seen before so hopefully  you like these! I was inspired to do this post from one of my favorite Youtubers, Savannahandstuff. If you haven’t seen here channel, click on her name and go watch them ALL!

Some of these have links to the tutorials and others do not. I will try my best to explain how I would make the costumes so if you really like one, you should try it. Let’s dive in!

  1. Spaghetti and Meatballs

This is one of my favorite costumes that I have ever seen. It is super simple to make and is a great conversations starter. Who doesn’t love pasta?!

2. A Tote Bag

This is absolutely adorable. I think this is a great costume idea for anyone who wants to feel glamorous on Halloween but doesn’t want to wear the same Audrey Hepburn as everyone else.

3. A Photo Strip

I think this a fantastic costume for parties because people can jump into the frame and you can have tons of different photo strip pictures to love for years to come.

4. Doge

I just had to include this one purely because of how easy and hilarious it is. I am a huge fan of doge and I think this person really served it justice. He basically took a yellow shirt and covered it in doge-like sayings. So simple, so amazing.

5. A Gnome

This one is just downright amazing. It is super funny and really tricks your mind. This blog has TONS of costume ideas, but this one has got to be one of the best ones on there.

6.  Mona Lisa

So maybe this one isn’t the best idea for a party but I still think it is one of the funniest ones on here. It really shows everyone that you are a piece of art and should be treated as such. Who doesn’t need that?

7. Barbie Makeup Game

I think this a great costume idea for someone who loves makeup because it really allows you to show off your skin. Essentially all you do is take cardboard or maybe posterboard and cut a hole for your head and shoulders. Then cover it in a pink table cloth and glue on tons of play makeup and accessories.

8. Bubbles

I think this is such a cute costume. All  you need is some posterboard to make the wand, felt for the bottle and some bubbles for the balloons.

9.  Mrs. Buttersworth

I don’t even know how you would make this but I just had to include it because of how spectacular it is.

10. Stick Figure

This is a great costume for those of us who want to look good in all the pictures that are taken that night. This allows you to hide behind a paper plate without people thinking you’re only there for the food.

11. News Flash

This is such a simple costume but incredibly funny. All you need is a tight dress that is covered in newspaper and a tench coat.

12. A Fork in the Road

This is so funny to me. I laughed for way too long. All you need is an all black outfit covered in yellow tape and a fork. What a pun.

13. Inspector Gadget

This was one of my favorite characters as a kid. All you need is a hat with some rubber gloves attatched to some wire hangers, a magnifying glass and a police badge.

14. Slutty Ghost

This is my FAVORITE costume on the list. All you need is a sheet and a bikini or a set of bra and underwear. This is such a great costume for those of you who are known to be the life of the party.

15. Nemo’s Home

This girl made such an amazing costume that I’m not even sure it’s worth ruining on Halloween night. I assume that she attatched the long pink ballons to her shirt and then got a Nemo stuffed animal to hold.

16. Jelly Fish


Staying on the trend of the sea is this amazing rendition of a jellyfish. I think this is such a greaceful costume and can really be tailored to fit your personality.

17. Big Mouth Bass

Even more fishy is this big mouth bass. I think this probably took months to make but it is incredibly impressive. I think you’d need a typical fsh costume and a large posterboard with the labels on the side.

18. Judice

This is my favorite SNL skit ever so I just had to include this. All you need is a nice dress, a blond wig (or blond hair) and baby hands. Maybe memorize some quotes to say throughout the evening.

19. A One Night Stand

This is an absolutely amazing pun. Similar to the Barbie Makeup Game costume, just use cardboard or posteboard as the stand then attatch some funny nightstand items and a lampshade.

20. Black Mail

This is a great costume for work or school because it is so easy. All you need is a black outfit and some loose mail.

21. The Cat’s Pajamas

This is an amazing costume for those of us who like to stay in on Halloween night. All you need is some cat makeup, ears and some funny pajamas.

22. Doodle-Bob

This is such an iconic costume and I am so surprised that more people haven’t worn this. I think they used a poster board for Doodle-Bob and maybe a wrapping paper tube for the pencil.

23. A Genie

I have seen tons of genie costumes in my day but this one just blew me out of the water. All you need is a black sheet and tons of cotton balls to creat the smoky effect. Then cover your torso in genie apparel and an intricate headpiece.

24. An Icee

This one is so cool! (Get it?) You can grab your friends and be the cool kids on the block. I think the only thing that would make it better is if you make yourself the bear on the front of the Icee.

25. Picture Day

Lastly, and most memorably is this picture day costume. All you need is a plain background and an uncomfortable face. This will create some hilarious Halloween pictures for sure.

So which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments or on any of my social media accounts linked below. Be sure to tag me if you recreate any of these looks so I can see your take.

Lots of love,


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*DISCLAIMER: None of these are my ideas. I tried to cite the location that I found the image but most of them were not the original sources. If any of these are your creations, please let me know and I will be happy to give you the credit you deserve.



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