HOLLAween Series- DIY Makeup Ideas

Hello everyone, today I have the first post in my HOLLAween Series. I am a huge fan of Halloween so this year I will be sharing a ton of costume, makeup, decor ideas and so much more! The first post is my Halloween makeup ideas. I have always been a huge fan of costume and special effects makeup so Halloween is my favorite holiday for makeup. So without further ado, here are my ideas:

Ice Queen/ Fairy:



  • Go gradient on the eyelids- use a dark blue near the lashes and blending lighter colors to the brow.
  • BLEND BLEND BLEND- this makeup can start to look like bruising if the colors are too dense.
  •  Wet your brush- getting your brush wet will help to pick up more color and make it much more pigmented.
  • Prime your lips- use a clear gloss before applying any shadow and apply the darker shade to the outside and the lighter color on the inner lips
  • Light= Highlight- use your lighter colors to highlight the cheek bones, inner corners of your eyes and nose to create a more goddess-like appearance

Female Frankenstein-


  • Green your face- if you don’t want to go out and buy green face paint, try using a green concealer or matte shadow mixed with your foundation to create a morbid appearance.
  • Blend softly- use a small fluffy brush to blend dark shadow along the incision marks to create more depth and shadowing. You can also add bits of red if you want a more open wound.
  • Add wings and shiny gloss- to create a more feminine look. This will open your eyes and plump your lips to make you look beautifully terrifying.

Bloody Death-


  • Use a liquid lip stain to create fake blood- I used the TONYMOLY Tony Tint  (WARNING: it will stain your face if you wear it for too long but a good deep cleansing scrub will take it right off).
  • Create a wound on the neck- I used the same lip stain to create a slice along my neck to make it more gory and creepy.
  • Lip liner is your friend- try using a deep red or purple along the waterline of your eyes to create an even more realistic look.




  • Make it 3D- use sunscreen/ thick moisturizer and eyeshadow (or painted glue) to make it look like the skin is really peeling back.
  • Use a highlight- make the metal shiny by packing on a shimmery shadow and a bright highlighter.
  • Do it on your face too- I chose to do it on my arm to test out the materials but you can easily do it on your face as well.

A Mouse-


  • Use a highlighter- illuminate your cheek bones by using a primarily white highlighter. This will make your cheeks look more plump and cutesy.
  • Make your own ears- put your hair into two top knots to create mouse ears and really enhance the overall look.
  • Use a mixture of colors- I used grey, silver, white and black eyeliners to create realistic mouse hair.

Maleficent/ Evil Queen-


  • Wet your brush- this is the same tip that I used for the Ice Queen look but it applies here as well. Having the wet brush will help create and even coat and minimize fallout.
  • Contour everything- I used the same purple that I used for my eyes to contour my cheek bones, nose, jaw and outer forehead. This creates the appearance of my harsher features fit for an evil queen.
  • Use a lighter foundation- try using a paler foundation to create a creepy, more villainous look.

So which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments or on any of my social media accounts linked below. Be sure to tag me if you recreate any of these looks so I can see your take.

Lots of love,


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