This is me… sorry it took so long.

Hello everyone,

I recently have been going through this blog and have started to realize just how boring it really is. I am not posting the things that I enjoy posting and I am only sharing just a small bit of who I am. So today, I am going to change that. So this is me.

As most of you are probably aware by now, my name is Ellie. At the time this is posted, I am in the summer between my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college. I will be a business major and will (hopefully) be able to start my own business in the near future. So here is what I will be posting about:

  • I love makeup- my parents were in the beauty industry for over 20 years and I was born right into it. I have seen the challenges that it entails and the beauty that it can hold. Beyond that, I have been able to see the true power of makeup and how it can give someone incredible confidence with the stroke of a brush. It is probably one of the most important things to me because of how impactful it can be on my confidence level.
  • I love clothes- I have always been really into fashion, even if I usually only wear athletic wear. I currently have a mannequin in my room and I am constantly trying to go through my closet and revamp all of the clothes I don’t wear. I love styling my friends and myself when I’m bored.
  • I love D.I.Ys- I am a very crafty person. I love design and decor. I love taking old things and making them new. I love saving money by making things all by myself. I’m not terribly good at making anything extravagant but I am always down to try new things.
  • I am super into fitness- I have been dancing for over 14 years, I love yoga, rock climbing, hiking, swimming, gymnastics. I absolutely love working out and staying healthy but I am also super lazy so whatever I do to stay fit, it has to be super fun. I am always down to try new workouts and fitness routines.
  • I love food- I don’t know if you are familiar with the Central Market ads that say things like “Do you love chocolate like really love chocolate?
    Have you ever dipped chocolate into more chocolate?
    When you say your life is like a box of chocolates, do you mean it literally?
    Ever whispered semi-sweet nothings?
    Does nobody know the truffles you’ve seen?
    Souffle or not Souffle? Is that even a question?
    Do you find it impossible to be neutral about Swiss chocolate? What about Belgium?
    Ever told your loved one to wake you up before they cocoa?
    Are you Really into chocolate?
    If the answer is yes, come to the annual Chocolate Festival at Central Market.” because that is me. I live for food. I am always trying new recipes and restaurants.
  • I am going to college- like I mentioned above, this coming fall I will be attending Chapman University to study Business Administration. I am so excited to decorate my dorm, live on my own and have so much fun learning about what I actually want to learn about. If you don’t know, Chapman University is in Orange, California so it will be nice and warm and happy.

So that is the basis of who I am and what I love to do. You will be seeing a lot more posts in the coming future.


Lots of love,


Instagram: elllie.belllie

Twitter: elliescrazylife

Tumblr: thecrazylifeofellie




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