Healthkickin: Healthy Wallet

Contrary to your body, having a fat wallet means it is quite healthy. However there are many things that eat away at this fat and cause a deterioration of funds. Today I will share with you a small Dollar Tree Haul of prom goodies full of mini reviews that will tell you where you should spend and where you should skip.

Premier No Slip Ball of Foot Cushions:

I love these. The bottom is super sticky so it stays in your shoe all night. The rubber keeps your foot from sliding but doesn’t leave your skin sweaty. I will absolutely repurchase.

 Premier Heel Grippers:

I like these. I don’t love them. They are super sticky but they were too thick and took up way too much space in my shoes. I probably will not repurchase these. However, if you have a pair of shoes that are too big, I would recommend these. 

Assured High Heel Insoles:

I hate these. There was no sticky to the ONE piece of tape on the bottom so I decided to use heavy duty shipping tape. It came off due to the material on the bottom. I will never repurchase there’s and I would recommend saving the dollar. 


 Glamourlines Magic Solution Breast Petals:

I cannot say enough good things about these. I love them. They are just the oerfecr amount of sticky to last all night (or day) and you can’t see a thing! The material is super silly and works under any shirt or dress. They are easy to remove and they’re just $.50 a pair! I love them and I plan on buying more in the next few days. 

  Dazzling White Whitening Pen:

I love this! The applicator is a click pen which makes it super easy to get the perfect amount of product. All you do is color in your teeth and let it sit for 10 minutes. It whitens your teeth and doesn’t leave them feeling super sensitive. I high recommend this and I will absolutely repurchase.   

  L.A. Colors Shadow Trio in Lily:

I’m not a huge fan of this. For one thing, it is sold at target for $.97. Also, it is very powdery, not pigmented at all and is way too shiny for my taste. I won’t repurchase this, however I do love most of their other products.  

  L.A. Colors Bronzer in bronze:

I wouldn’t recommend this. It is very shiny, not as creamy as most bronzes and is mostly just a dark powder with glitter. It format stick to my brushes well and is too thick for any “I’m not fake” looks. I will not repurchase. 

I hope this was helpful. If you have further questions, I am happy to answer them in the comments below or on any of my social media accounts.

Lots of love,

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