Healthkickin: Healthy Skin

Everyone knows that in order to reduce signs of aging it is important to protect and maintain your skin. However, with skin cancer on the rise, it is becoming increasingly vital for us all to protect our skin. I have compiled 6 easy ways to maintain your skin.

  1.  Drink water: Skin, like any other organ, is made up of water-based cells. When there is not a sufficient amount of water for these cells to use, your skin becomes dry and dehydrated. Having enough water can protect you from excema and psoriasis.In order to keep a youthful glow, drink the adequate amount of water for you. According to Authority Nutrition, this is eight 8 ounce glasses of water each day. 
  2. Wear Sunscreen: Most people only wear sunscreen in the summer, at the beach or pool. But that is not where most skin cancer comes from. Wearing sunscreen anytime you will be outside, even if it is cloudy, is a good way to play it safe. Also, ladies, finding a foundation with an SPF can be very beneficial when it comes to avoiding the “face sunscreen” the usually just breaks you out.
  3. Wash your face: For most people, this is already part of a daily routine. However there are ways to enhance the facial cleansing experience. First, use warm/hot water to open your pores. Then apply your gentle face wash in small circular motions. Since your pores are open, the active ingredient in your cleansing wash is able to penetrate the skin and remove dirt and grime. Rinse with Luke warm water and follow with a cold rinse. This cold rinse will close your pores and keep any unnecessary particles from entering your skin. 
  4. Use a face mask: I love face masks. There are so many to choose from and each one provides your skin with a little retreat from the daily grind. I recommend using a deep cleansing one that has the capability to truly deep clean your skin. Using this once a week can really give your skin the break it needs. 
  5. Exfoliate: This is a very underrated technique. Using an exfoliating brush or scrub removes dead skin, softens razor burn and cleans your pores. Like a mask, doing this once a week can truly change the game for your skin, giving it new life. 
  6. Sport a no-make up day: This is another very underrated technique to healthy skin. As wonderful as makeup can be, it is also detrimental to skin. There are lots of chemicals that don’t do your skin any good. Giving yourself a day (or a few) to not wear any makeup can really help your skin get fresh air and lose the daily abuse it receives every other day of the week.

As usual, I hope this taught you something or was at least somewhat informative. I absolutely love getting feedback and receiving requests so feel free to leave any in the comment section below or on any of my social media platforms: 


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