January Favorites

This year, I will be starting a new series of favorites every month. I will be revamping this blog and bringing out tons of new material(;! I absolutely want requests from each and every one of you! To kick it all off, here are my January Favorites.

Softlips Cube : These are incredibly moisturizing and they smell and taste amazing! They are similar to Eos Lip Balms, but they are much softer and smoother.
Stainiac Lip Tint : I received a sample of this product in my December Birchbox and fell in love. It is super soft and glossy. The color is flattering on ever skin color and lasts for hours!

Lancome 5 Pan Eyeshadow Palatte : Although this is definitely on the pricy side, this palatte is worth every cent. It is extremely pigmented and comes in thousands of color combinations. It is long lasting and perfect for every look.
E.L.F. Eyelash Curler : I bought this out of pure necessity and ended up adoring it! It is perfect for everyday and at only $3.00, it is an incredible bargain!

Benefit The Porefessional Primer : I received a sample of this product from one of my friends and I love it. It makes every pore disappear and keeps your makeup on all day.
Clean and Clear Morning Burst : This is a product that I have only recently started enjoying. It has bursting beads that wake up your face. It smells wonderful and keeps your skin clean and clear.

Naked Green Machine : [Link goes to coupon] This is one of my favorite things ever! I drink a glass every morning and it makes me feel fabulous all day! It has daily vitamins, vegetables and fruits inside, but only tastes like juice!
Dried Apricots : [Link goes to recipes!] These are perfect snacks to fill your sweet craving. They are great for recipes of all kinds! There are hundreds of health benefits and they are available in almost every grocery store!

Stay tuned throughout the year for tons of blogging surprises! Share me with your friends and be sure to give me feedback!


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