My Stretching Routine

Hello, everyone, I am back! I am going to start doing more scheduled posting so share me with your friends!

I am a dancer and have been stretching almost everyday for eleven years, most of these are dance/ gymnastics stretches, mixed in with a few yoga positions. Keep in mind, this is a weekend thing, I do not do this everyday. I decided to do this post, because I feel like, with the holidays coming up, it could be useful to everyone. Hopefully it is!


Morning: starting the day off with a soft, deep stretch is a great way to wake up your muscles and get your body prepared for the day.
1. NECK AND BACK- stand in second (feet slightly further apart than shoulder-width) and gently roll your head to the right 3 times, then repeat on the left. This wakes up your spinal cord and neck.
2. LEGS- staying in the same position, reach your hands to one leg then come back up and repeat on the other side. This stretches your leg muscles and obliques.
3. ARMS- with feet in a comfortable position, reach your arms above your head parallel next to your ears. Reach one arm behind your head and touch your hand to your opposite shoulder blade. Then, with the other arm, grab the opposite elbow and push the arm closer to the shoulder blade.

Miday: I like to keep this one quick and easy.
1. BACK AND ABS- Hold the downward dog position for ten seconds. Then slowly walk your feet up to your hands, bending your knees if needed. Then slowly roll up to standing.
2. LEGS- this position, to me, is called a half split, but it has many other names. Basically, think about sitting in the splits and bending your front leg at a right angle. It is simpler than you may think. After sitting in this position,straighten your front leg and bend your back leg. Then lay back onto your elbows and repeat on the other side.

Night: For me, this is when the “workout part” comes in.
1. ABS- Lay on your back on a comfortable surface such as carpet or a yoga mat. Bend your legs in and do 15 crunches, then straighten your legs flat on the floor, 15 more, then straight in the air, 15 more. After that, roll over onto your stomach and, leaving your feet on the ground, push up with your arms to stretch everything out.
2. ARMS- In this position, tuck your feet under (like push-up position) and hold for a minute. (Basically a plank)
3. HEAD AND NECK- I like to start the day the same way I end it. Stand in second (feet slightly further apart than shoulder-width) and gently roll your head to the right 3 times, then repeat on the left.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this. Try it out! Be careful and send me your feedback or requests!

EMAIL: INSTA: xo_elliebelle_xo


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